CALIBEHR Payroll solutions are well-suited for small and medium enterprises built on an innovative and robust technology platform with highly process driven and secure solution. The employer and the employee can access their pre-defined information over the Internet.

Scope of services

  • Monthly Payroll Processing

  • TDS and other Statutory Compliance Computation

  • Salary Disbursal Advice

  • Pay slip generation

  • Customized reports as per client requirement

  • Payroll Query Management

  • Filing of PF, IT, PT and ESI with the respective departments

  • Free up your time

    Outsourcing payroll can free up staff time to pursue more important value-added and revenue generating activities. You save the time you would have spent on personally managing your small business payroll systems. Your time is valuable! Your time is valuable!

    Alleviate Pain

    Manual payroll is a headache in the best case and nightmare in the worst case. Use of modern technology with latest version of payroll software enables Calibehr to function with ease and efficiency. Outsourcing payroll to Calibehr removes those headaches and keeps payroll running smoothly.

    Reduce Costs

    When you outsource payroll services, you get to reap many cost saving benefits. These cost savings come from having less investment human capital and business payroll software and computer/printer and reduction in IT costs. Your direct cost of processing payroll can be greatly reduced by passing over the load and expense to Calibehr

    Leverage outside Payroll expertise

    Most business owners and controllers don’t have time to keep up with constantly changing regulations, withholding rates and government forms. By outsourcing payroll, you can take advantage of expertise of our compliance/legal department supported by an efficient operations team.