Interview Tips

Everyone wants to crack at the interview they attend but only the right choice gets selected. Candidates tend to get hyper and lose their chance of being considered for the position. If you want to be an exceptional candidate, then you need to do exceptional preparation.

Recognize : Be sure as to why you wish to apply for the particular job. What drives you towards it & why are you passionate about the profile. Understand the job profile and what skills are required. Identify your skills and match it best with the job.

Research : Study thoroughly about the company through website.Conduct a comprehensive research on the company as well as the industry. Get correct knowledge about people , product and services they provide and their market position.

Review your resume : Understand your strengths and weaknesses and create professional situations to support them. Assess your professional and educational history and refresh yourself on the accomplishments and highlights of your career.

Rehearse : Do as many mock interviews as you can. Work on some common questions asked and their answers along with appropriate body language. Try to use the STAR method for your responses for accurately describing your experiences:
S: Situation
T: Task or problem
A: Action
R: Result

  • Dos

  • Answer the question that is asked of you. Do not go around the topic.
  • Start with a short answer and then go into more depth if persuaded.
  • Show that you’re in it for a career and not a job.
  • Dress simple & use comfortable clothing preferably formals. Be presentable.
  • Be well mannered and address the interviewer politely with respect.
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  • Dont's

  • Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know something.
  • Don’t fumble and end up giving false information.
  • Do not arrive late for an interview.
  • Do not attend phone calls.
  • Do not get distracted with the interviewer appearance & the room.
  • Do not keep looking at the watch.
  • Do not get angry or frustrated. Avoid arguments.
  • Avoid using excessive gestures or too much hand waving.
  • Do not keep rambling on and on and avoid exaggerating.